Top 10 INSANE anti-Trump stories of 2017 (fake news BUSTED!)

“On the Holmes Front, with Frank Holmes”

Since they lost the election, the media went all-out in their campaign to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. But reporters are so hate-filled that they didn’t just peddle lies and distortions – sometimes they reported the most petty, idiotic and insignificant “news” stories like they were Pulitzer Prize winning bombshells.

Here’s a look back at 10 times this year when the media’s hysterical Trump-hating bias made them look and act like complete fools:

Donald Trump gets two scoops of ice cream when everyone else got one!

In May, CNN combed through a 100-minute-long interview  that Trump and Mike Pence gave to Time magazine on everything from Syria to how he wants to make peace with the media.

What did the Fake News network lead with?

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Sometimes at dinner, “Trump takes two scoops of



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