Too Many White Students Causes School to Lose Funding

In today’s liberal America, it has not only become acceptable to discriminate against Anglos or people of Caucasian descent, but now it’s also legal to cut funding to schools who have too many Anglos. It’s never been about equality for minorities; rather it’s always been and still is about preferential treatment for minorities.

The classic example is Affirmative Action which, depending upon which version is used, requires schools or employers to give preferential treatment to minorities which have been defined as women, black Americans, Hispanics, Asians and American Indians.

My father-in-law retired from a major utility in Arizona some years ago. Before retiring, he was a foreman and was told that due to the Affirmative Action in place at the time, he had to make sure that every position had at least 20% women. All of the work was field work, dirty, manual labor and operating light to heavy trucks,…



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