Tony Dungy Under Fire for Mentioning NFL Eagles Nick Foles Christian Beliefs

If you were a paid sports analyst like Tony Dungy and reported on the Super Bowl, wouldn’t you have reported on Nick Foles’ Christian faith? He’s a strong Christian, as is the Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson, injured  QB Carson Wentz, and tight end, Zach Ertz. The Philadelphia Eagles in fact have been called a Band of Bible-Believing Brothers. So is it all that suprising that Tony Dungy, NBC Sports analyst, would mention Nick Foles Christian faith?

Former NFL head coach and NBC analyst, Tony Dungy is under fire. It seems during the Super Bowl, Dungy highlighted Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ Christian faith.

Tony Dungy is an outspoken Christian

Tony Dungy is an outspoken Christian himself. He defended himself in the midst of the criticism, arguing that since Foles’ faith is an important part of his life, it’s a topic worth covering.

Following the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory



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