Tomi Lahren causes liberal to have screaming MELTDOWN [video]

Over the weekend, Fox News star Tomi Lahren took to the West Hollywood streets to interview California residents on how they think President Donald Trump performed in his first year.

The reactions were mixed — until one crazy liberal became unhinged.

One things stands true: California has a big secret. There are many conservatives living there, trapped under the rule of hardcore liberals.

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Lahren walked up to residents of California holding a mic and a “Make America Great Again” red hat.

Some of the interviewees were excited to share their thoughts on Trump and receive a free red hat.

And others, well here’s their obnoxious reactions —

“Let’s face it, he’s done an amazing job,” a woman told Lahren, adding that Trump accomplished more in his first 365 days than President Barack Obama did in eight years.

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