“Tolerant” Liberals Bully Inauguration Performers into Quitting


With less than one week left until the inauguration of Donald Trump, the American liberal army is turning ugly and threatening toward anyone involved.

The liberals have begun a campaign of harassment against anyone involved in Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s election in November triggered the poor leftists of the nation, sending them into a self-loathing and furious fervor that has manifested itself in purely classless behavior.  The latest actions by the cult of the left are absolutely appalling, and embarrassing to all other Americans.

“Opera star Andrea Bocelli backed out of singing at Donald Trump‘s inauguration after receiving death threats, The Mail on Sunday has learnt.

“The revelation came as another singer – Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday – last night pulled out of the President-elect’s festivities after being threatened and branded an ‘Uncle Tom’.

“When blind tenor Bocelli announced he would not sing at this Friday’s celebration, it was widely reported…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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