Today’s Lid Radio Show W/Special Guest Author/Blogger Joe Newby

Facebook has become an extraordinarily powerful gatekeeper of information and a severely irresponsible one, relentlessly censoring conservatives and voices of freedom, and running interference for the left and Islamic supremacists, and now it seems they are getting involved with the Democratic Party’s Russian conspiracy theory. With all this going on, it’s time for a Facebook expert, Therefore today’s  blockbuster Lid Radio Show features Joe Newby, who has a cutting-edge blog, Conservative Firing Line, which covers the latest political news of the day, and who, along with co-author Adina Kutnicki, penned the book, “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad

The show starts at 2PM Eastern, You can listen at SHR Media and High Plains Talk Radio or at the player below.

Besides being my go-to guy for questions about Facebook and an expert on Facebook censorship, 10-year U.S. Marines  veteran Joe Newby is a colleague of mine at (formerly Liberty Alliance)  as he offers hard-hitting commentary at



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