Today’s Lid Radio Show @2pm; Special Guest Tami Jackson

LISTEN to the Lid Radio Show Today January 17th  @2PM EDT–our very special guest is Tami Jackson the Executive Editor of, Social Media/Content/Marketing for Robar Guns, Editor-In-Chief of, Social Media Marketing Director for Ride the Thunder Movie. a pundit with unique, intelligent insights,  and my close friend.

Tami and I will discuss the immigration debate and whether the government will shut down on Friday.  The President’s medical report and why no reporters asked if the president ever gets paper cuts or other boo-boos on his fingers (they asked everything else)? Speaking of the president’s medical report, why doesn’t he have a Jewish doctor? Is it the deep state? Who’s a bigger crybaby Sen. Corey Booker or CNN’s Jim Acosta and much much more? So so join in on the news and the fun— tune into the Lid Radio Show at 2 pm Eastern by clicking on this SHR Media network or High Plains Talk Radio links (or by using



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