Time for American Airports to get Trumped Up

It’s no secret America’s airports are a nightmare. Many are overcrowded logistical disasters built before TSA was tasked with invading everyone’s rights in the name of safety. Our airports are functional failures and stylistically an embarrassment.

Soon to be President Trump campaigned on many things, but one thing he brought home was a message of taking America’s airports to a new level. Dare we say, Make America’s Airports Great Again?

Aside from launching a beatification campaign let’s not dismiss the horrific treatment people are subjected to daily in our airports. Citizens are routinely interrogated and then subjected to scrutiny that often involves intimate touching. Watch this as a CNN reporter Angela Rye gets more than a pat down. Anywhere else, this would be sexual assault! Oh, but not in our airports.

For a country that was outraged by water-boarding it’s outrageous that we allow torture to continue at our airports…



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