TikTok’s New Hyper-Realistic Filters Spark Beauty Debate | Tech News Briefing | WSJ

Two new effects on TikTok can give users sculpted cheekbones, plumped lips, or a younger look with the push of a button. But this hyper-realistic image-altering tech also spurs backlash.

WSJ reporter Sara Ashley O’Brien joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss how these filters work and why some experts say they could damage users’ mental health.

Photos: Courtesy of Sage Ye

0:00 New TikTok filters “Bold Glamour” and “Teenage Look” spark debate
1:12 What do new TikTok effects look like?
2:14 How does this image-altering technology work?
3:11 What are users saying about new filters?
4:12 What is TikTok’s response to debates around filters?
6:03 Could image-altering tech move into other areas away from social media?

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