Three HUGE Lies On The Tax Cut Bill The GOP Needs To Debunk FAST

The GOP tax bill is getting a lot of heat from the left as you might expect. The mainstream media is leading the charge and parroting any sound byte that they can get from a Democrat. they also invent some fake news of their own about who will benefit from tax cuts. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called it worse than Armageddon. She would be wrong about that, don’t you think? here are three claims that are debunked. It was easy to do . Enjoy.

As Written and Reported by Siraj Hashmi for the Washington Examiner:

There’s a lot of noise out there about the GOP tax bill that will surely pass Congress and end up on President Trump’s desk Wednesday, but there are a few lies that are so egregious that we have to address them.

Outside of Democrats and opponents to the Republican tax bill saying it will literally kill thousands of people, which is almost too stupid to



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