Thousands of Felons May Have Helped Doug Jones Win

Thousands of felons may have registered to vote in the weeks leading up to the Alabama Senate election on Tuesday, Newsweek and Breitbart has reported.

Newsweek stated that Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, a former felon himself, and a radical leftist who is the half-brother of the infamous controversial radical liberal, Rev. Al Sharpton who spearheaded the effort, said on the November 27 registration deadline that at least 5,000 to 10,000 people statewide had registered that month.

“I’ve got people all over the state registering people,” Glasgow, who is president of The Ordinary People Society (TOPS) advocacy group, told at the time. “With my TOPS branches in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery, Enterprise, Dothan, Abbeville, Geneva, Gordon, Bessemer, we have a lot.”

Meanwhile, Breitbart reported:

Jones himself is tied to some of the specific organizations associated with the drive to register felons here. Indeed, as Breitbart News first reported, Jones spearheaded a



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