This Week Actually Started on Saturday

The week actually started on Saturday this time. A story surfaced about Michelle Obama, and falling under the spell of the conspiracy theorists, I put my tin foil hat on, poured a scotch, and had at it. I really don’t care if the former First Lady “checks her package,” but the Aerosmith song made the article come alive for me. I could hardly keep my fingers steady for laughing.

From there we moved on to more refined politics, if you can call my stuff that, trying to explain to the LibTards about how the American Public is fed up with their dog and pony show and it just might be time to figure out which restroom to use, and move on. We can’t be concerned with health care, taxes, or illegal immigration. Heck no! We gotta pee and don’t know if we should sit or stand.

Stacking Facts was



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