This Video May Be Most Important Thing You Watch This Year

This video may be the most important thing you watch this year. Texas, being a border state has long contended with illegals coming in bringing their health problems with them. Diseases we thought were a thing of the past have come across the border making Texas hyper alert to the threat. Now we have an elevated situation. First, let’s define “refugee.” A refugee flees their home for safety. They are supposed to be placed in a holding camp until the situation back home abates, and then they go HOME! Immigrants come to stay, refugees come to cycle back.

What we have now is a steady stream of Somalis coming into the country, some have not only paperwork they have no NAME! The vetting process is no process. They are afforded health care, social security, pocket money and just about anything else they need. They are infected with tuberculosis, Ebola, and…



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