This Should Be The Reason Robert Mueller Resigns Imediately!

What is ‘Special Counsel’ Mueller going to do with his witch hunt? What kind of legal standing is this investigation based on? What does the FBI’s admission that they have been unable to verify ANYTHING about the Steele dossier against Donald Trump? What kind of ethics has been violated by the actions of the FBI, other intelligence agencies, and the office of the Special Counsel? The answers in this article are astounding.

As Written By James Lewis for the American Thinker:

What’s a witch-hunter to do when there’s no witch, and witchcraft itself turns out to be imaginary?  When even the latest accusation against the biggest scapegoat of the house is a crock?

Alan Dershowitz, a liberal in good standing with occasional fits of constitutional sanity, has called on Bob Mueller, aka “The Special Prosecutor,” to resign, ’cause there’s no there there.

Professor Dershowitz points out that Trump may be guilty of



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