This May Cost California A Congressional Seat

When the 2020 Census is conducted, the Donald Trump administration will decide how the census is conducted. Just as President Obama’s administration decided not to ask certain questions, the Trump administration can put them back into the census questions. 

The United States Census is required by the Constitution. It is taken every 10 years. There are two important things, among other things, that the census does for a State. It decides representation in Congress and helps to apportion taxes. If the citizenship question is put back in the census, what will happen to California? 

As Written and Reported By Chriss W. Street for Breitbart: 

Democrats fear the Trump administration’s re-reinstatement of citizenship questions on the 2020 U.S. Census will cost California a Congressional seat and billions in funding.

The number of U.S. House of Representative seats was fixed by law in 1911 at 435. The “enumeration” requires at that each state have at least one



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