This Isn’t 2009: Iranians’ 9-Point Demand For Referendum On Islamic Republic

A number of knowledgeable experts have been weighing in to emphasize that the present uprising of Iranians is not like the one in 2009.

There are plenty of reasons for this, starting with the point that in 2009, there was a specific catalyst for the protests: a national election whose results looked suspicious.  In the last three days of December 2017, there was no such catalyst.  There was only the burning sense among the people that too much is wrong, from repression and lack of freedom to mistreatment by the radical regime, and its obsession with squandering the nation’s resources on foreign wars.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times already that this is a widespread and broad-based uprising.  Michael Ledeen deals with that point at PJ Media this week:

It’s different in at least two ways, geographical and demographical.

Geographically, whereas the 2009 protests were mainly limited to Tehran,



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