This Is Who Is Going To Replace Al Franken?

In the wake of the sexual scandals surrounding him, Senator Al Franken announced that he would resign. It was difficult to find an apology within his resignation. It may not have been in there. It was also impossible to find out when he is leaving as that information has not been released yet.

What is clear is that the Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, has the authority to name Franken’s replacement. The Governor, also a Democrat, has selected his Lt. Governor, Tina Smith. 

As Written By Paul Bois for the Daily Wire:

Now that “gropey” Al Franken has been booted from the Senate, Minnesotans can look forward to having him replaced by a politician free from controversy and one who is better able to represent the voice of the people. Right?

Guess again.

Replacing Sen. Franken will be former Planned Parenthood executive Tina Smith, announced today by Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton,



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