This Is What REAL Collusion Looks Like

[VIDEO] According to Wikipedia: Claudia Rosett is an American writer and journalist. A former staff writer for The Wall Street Journal, she writes a foreign affairs column for Forbes, blogs for Pajamas Media, makes guest appearances on television and radio, and is attached to the Independent Women’s Forum and the London Centre for Policy Research. Here she is interviewed by the Daily Caller.

That qualifies Ms. Rosett as an expert in her field. Here she talks collusion with the Russians. It is not what you were probably expecting. This is not another hit piece on President Donald Trump. So who did the colluding and when did it happen? It is a good interview and worth your time watching.

As Written By Ginni Thomas for the Daily Caller:

Rosett sat down with The Daily Caller News Foundation and said the message from the 2016 election had nothing to do with Russia, but everything to



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