This Is Not How Dr. Martin Luther King Would Have Acted

The State of Mississippi now has a Civil Rights Museum and Dr. Martin Luther King would have been proud to have attended. The response of some current leaders of the black community was not in accordance with the preaching and philosophy of Dr. King. Because the President of the United States was there, some politicians got caught up in the Trump Derangement Syndrom.

As Written by Karen Townsend for Hot Air:

Saturday morning President Trump traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and to recognize the 200th anniversary of when Mississippi became the 20thstate on Sunday. Unfortunately, the mere act of extending an invitation to the president brought swift criticism and the temper tantrums began on the left.

Senior civil rights activist John Lewis, who also refused to attend Trump’s inauguration, was the most vocal about sitting this one out. For a man who was beaten within an inch



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