This is Insane! Family Fined for Simply Building a Sand Castle

Imagine having a fun, family outing to the beach, on a nice sunny day. Your children are building sandcastle while you sun bathe and listen to the ocean waves, when suddenly you’re being threatened and fined. For what? The sandcastles that your children were innocently building are illegal to build. Welcome to Obama’s America.

This is a reality for the Rylee family. They were enjoying a day at Panama City beach when they brutally learned that it is illegal to dig a whole that is deeper than 2ft by 2ft, or by using metal tools, at this beach.

Bryant Rylee posted to Facebook:

“This is the sand castle that cost me a $25 fine & could have cost me up to $500 & no more than 60 days in jail. Incase you didn’t know, at Panama City Beach you can’t dig deeper than 2ft & not exceeding 2ft long…



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