This Is How They Intend To Get Us To “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy”

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Anyone that couldn’t tell this before has realized, after the eruption of the health crisis, that the global elites are behind everything that upholds the current system. They influence every major decision in our society. They have control of every mainstream media narrative, they can decide the fate of every new crisis, but their main goal is to find a way to rule all of us without making people realize what they’re actually doing. The elites are coming up with a plan for a new way of life, in which everyone will have everything, but people will own nothing. In their dirty little utopia, we won’t be able to make our own decisions, we will be constantly surveilled, and the worst part is that they will try to make it look as if this is our own choice.
With each new crisis, they find subtle ways to make this transition without us noticing. The elites know it is counter-productive to just attack us and take all we have. They need the people to keep the system running. And it’s safe to say that the world population would react and bring about a lot of chaos and unrest once people realized their liberties were being stolen. But the elites are tricky, and they are incredibly smart. To overcome that obstacle they actually don’t have to do much. They don’t even need to take anything from us to implement their goals. At this point, all they have to do is watch our incompetent governments destroying our currency and collapsing the value of our money — and do nothing.
If our money becomes some worthless paper, people will start falling into poverty, and that would be enough to bend us over and make us accept their ‘new, generous, and revolutionary’ rescue plan. Without money and personal wealth, we lose our independence. We will need help. And the elites will appear as martyrs trying to save us from the mess our leaders created. Eventually, people will own virtually nothing, and they will be okay with that. Well… at least until they realize they have fallen victim to a tyrannical system. But that’s a whole other discussion. For now, we will focus on the tools the elites currently use to achieve their utopia. And if you think inflation talk is boring, just wait until you see how higher prices and a debased currency will become the gateway for an authoritarian system.
Today, inflation is the main issue plaguing most economies around the planet. And this crisis will likely linger for several years, some say we will see the worst out of it in 2022. By now, there is nothing politicians can say to deny what’s going on. The truth is that the Federal Reserve has lost control over its own policies, and 2022 will be a very chaotic year from an economic standpoint. Just imagine what will happen when gasoline prices soar above $5 per gallon all across the country. Already, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in some states, such as California, is nearing this mark.
Over the weekend, gas prices hit an average of $4.676 in California, beating its previous record average price of $4.671 for regular gasoline set in October 2012, according to AAA. In some areas, including Northern California’s Humboldt County, prices are pushing $5. Industry specialists say that this upward trend will persist well into 2022, and that’s really bad news given that pretty much everything we buy has to be transported, and increased transportation costs are translated into higher inflation. Unfortunately, those at the bottom of the economic food chain will suffer the most. With food prices jumping to record levels, food banks are receiving considerably fewer donations, and many of them are already reportedly struggling to purchase enough food because price hikes have been sharper than expected.
According to Katie Fitzgerald, the COO of Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that operates more than 200 food banks across the country, her network of food banks is “already stretched thin due to the unprecedented demand spurred by the [health-crisis-induced] downturn in the economy last year”. She warned that “it has become more difficult for the organization to absorb food inflation, resulting in fewer families being fed this holiday season”. Many problems are converging and simultaneously aggravating right now. That’s why so many people use the term “perfect storm” to describe the current state of affairs. We wish we could tell you that life will get better from now on. But that’s simply unrealistic. Every time a major systemic change started to happen in the world, things always ended in disaster. And it seems that now it is our turn.​”

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