This Fish Is Worth Over $3 Million Dollars

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Scientists in West Sussex recently caught one of the world’s most expensive fish without ever trying. A 180kg Atlantic Bluefin tuna was spotted in Chichester Harbour along the English coast and hauled aboard a research vessel, where it was discovered that it could be worth as much as $2 million. This might seem like a lucrative find, but Atlantic bluefin has sold for much more. The world record sale happened in Tokyo in 2019, when a sushi tycoon forked over $3.2 million for the luxurious fish. If you think this is crazy, then you should know that an Atlantic bluefin straight from Japan’s Oma region can end up costing $400 per pound and a 280kg fish can serve up about 12,000 pieces of the world’s finest sushi.

There’s a reason Atlantic bluefin is so expensive. It’s not your everyday canned tuna and it can be incredibly hard to catch, mostly because we’ve made bluefin tuna so rare in the wild. One piece of bluefin can sell for $96 at a restaurant, meaning that status as well as taste have contributed to making the Atlantic bluefin one of the most overfished creatures on the planet. It’s rich and fatty flavor might make it a delicacy, but without population protection, Bluefin won’t even be around for the world’s elite to indulge in. With only 20,000 to 40,000 left in our waters, the Atlantic bluefin might be the most expensive fish in the world that we shouldn’t be eating.

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