This Dem Rep DOESN’T Want Pro-life Groups Saying “Black Lives Matter”

Over 60 million black babies have been aborted since 1973.

Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore would like pro-life members of congress to stop pointing out that “Black Lives Matter” should pertain to the severely elevated numbers of black babies who die from abortions.

From Life News:

U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore from Wisconsin continued her attack against her pro-life colleagues this week after they asked her and other African American leaders why they are not standing up for the unborn black babies who are often aborted.

 The Congresswoman wrote a column for the Washington Post Tuesday criticizing pro-life legislators for using the “Black Lives Matter” phrase to call for protections for unborn babies targeted by the abortion industry. The column, “Dear conservatives: Abortion clinics don’t ‘target’ the black community,” is her latest attack against fellow Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy. In January, Duffy called out African American legislators for not acting…



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