This day in WND history: WorldNetDaily hit by ‘shrinkage’

WorldNetDaily hit by ‘shrinkage’

Sept. 22, 1998: After WorldNetDaily had been publishing for a year or so, it became noticeable editors and others in the office were using the shorthand “WND” to refer to news site. Even readers were using it.

It didn’t take long to realize that having the domain name would be a good idea. But by 1998, there weren’t many three-letter domain names that hadn’t already been snapped up by other users.

But we acquired it and registered it 19 years ago today. Now readers have an easy three-letter alternative to find their favorite website online.

It’s easier for friends to remember when you tell them where you get your news. It’s easier to type – fewer cases of tunnel carpel syndrome. And it’s just the right size for a bumper sticker on the tiny car Al Gore is still planning for your future.

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