This day in WND history: Woman prosecuted over ‘stolen kisses’

Woman prosecuted over ‘stolen kisses

Aug. 8, 2000: WND broke the story of a Florida woman facing prosecution for eating three pieces of chocolate without paying for them.

Nancy Vilanova, 74, was seized by security guards at a Winn-Dixie supermarket in Miami as she attempted to leave the store after paying for her groceries. Store officials said Vilanova allegedly “stole” three Hershey’s Kisses from an open bag in an aisle.

Critics called the prosecution a “horrible waste of taxpayers’ money” and wondered why she was offered no chance to make restitution or why the prosecuting attorney’s office even bothered to pursue “such a petty charge.”

“Let’s face it, this case exudes a ‘gimme a break’ response,” said Jose Vilanova, the woman’s son.

Jose said his mother was “accosted” by security guards, forced into a back room and berated “to the point of tears” to sign a “confession.” He said the guards



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