This day in WND history: Walmart faces boycott for banning Christmas

Walmart faces boycott for banning Christmas

Nov. 10, 2005: When a Walmart customer complained to the retailer that the store was replacing its “Merry Christmas” greeting with “Happy Holidays,” she received a response from customer service that prompted calls by the Catholic League for a nationwide boycott.

“Walmart is a world wide organization and must remain conscious of this,” the Walmart representative replied.

“The majority of the world still has different practices other than ‘christmas’ which is an ancient tradition that has its roots in Siberian shamanism. The colors associated with ‘christmas’ red and white are actually a representation of of the aminita mascera mushroom. Santa is also borrowed from the Caucuses, mistletoe from the Celts, yule log from the Goths, the time from the Visigoth and the tree from the worship of Baal. It is a wide wide world.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue pointed out that when using



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