This day in WND history: ‘Miracles happen – I’m a miracle’

‘Miracles happen – I’m a miracle’

Nov. 8, 2003: WND broke the story of a young woman in need of a double lung transplant saying she had been betrayed by Duke University Medical Center after doctors had her move near the college to prepare her for a transplant, only to tell her “out of the blue” she wouldn’t be getting new organs and she should go back home.

Two months later, WND also broke the story that the woman was finally breathing on her own with a new set of lungs courtesy of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“Don’t always believe what people tell you,” Lauren Averitt said from her hospital bed where she was recuperating from surgery. “[Duke] told me to go home and die, and instead I’m a few miles down the road with new lungs.

“It’s a miracle – I’m a miracle.”

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