This day in WND history: Lindbergh’s double life proved?

Charles A. Lindbergh

Lindbergh’s double life proved?

Nov. 29, 2003: DNA tests proved one of the 20th-century’s best-known figures, Charles Lindbergh, had a second family in Germany that apparently remained hidden from his wife, according to three siblings who claimed to be his children.

Dyrk and David Hesshaimer and their sister, Astrid Bouteuil, said they had no plans to stake claim as legal heirs.

Bouteuil, who lived in Paris in 2003, said she discovered the identity of her father after coming across more than 100 letters in the attic of her mother’s house in Ammersee, Upper Bavaria.

The man who won the hearts of millions around the world for his non-stop solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927 met Hesshaimer in Munich in 1957 when he was 55 and maintained the relationship until his death in 1974, the siblings claimed.

Born between 1958 and 1967, they each had “father unknown”



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