This day in WND history: ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and rape of Marlboro Man

‘Brokeback Mountain’ and rape of Marlboro Man

Dec. 27, 2005: WND publishes Managing Editor David Kupelian’s analysis of the film “Brokeback Mountain,” which becomes widely reprinted, quoted – and attacked – and throws Kupelian into a stream of TV appearances including Fox News’ “Dayside” and “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” and CBN’s “Newswatch” and “The 700 Club,” exposing the propaganda techniques used to marketing “gay marriage” in the controversial film.

Kupelian called “Brokeback Mountain” a “brilliant propaganda film,” reportedly causing viewers to change the way they feel about homosexual relationships and same-sex marriage.

And how did the movie-makers pull off such a dazzling feat?

“Simple,” Kupelian explained. “They do it by raping the ‘Marlboro Man,’ that revered American symbol of rugged individualism and masculinity.”

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