This Cancún Resort Fights 20,000 Tons of Invasive Seaweed Each Year | WSJ Booked

Maintaining clean beaches takes a huge amount of work for resorts in Mexico and across the Caribbean, thanks to tons of seaweed that invades every year. Sargassum and seagrass can alter the pristine beaches by turning the water brown, making it smelly and bringing in flies and other insects. So how is this seaweed hurting popular tourism destinations being dealt with?

WSJ goes behind the scenes of one of the most innovative sargassum removal operations in Cancun to see what’s involved.

0:00 Seaweed issue at resorts
1:02 Removing sargassum
2:55 Sand and erosion
5:11 Managing through the summer

Your trip may be booked, but there are hundreds of people and processes that help you travel to where you need to go. From airport logistics to cruise ship procedures, WSJ’s Booked peels back the curtain on the travel industry, guiding viewers behind-the-scenes through the lens of industry experts.

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