This article is for the enjoyment of President Trump’s Secret Admirers

This article is for the sole enjoyment of President Donald Trump’s Secret Admirers. His not-so-secret admirers will also get great enjoyment from this article. Why? It is because we understand it. We identify with the remarks made by Dan Truitt in the American Thinker. This is a real trigger warning for liberals. Do Not Enter.

As Written By Dan Truitt for the American Thinker:

It is indicative of how completely the left has taken over our major public organs and institutions, including the press, the entertainment industry, and Higher Ed, that many are embarrassed to admit to others the secret we carry around in our hearts like a treasure — we absolutely love Donald Trump.

This is the reason Trump’s approval numbers are almost certainly way under-reported: who wants to admit that they love an uncouth, billionaire New York braggart who made his fortune by parlaying a “small” $150 million-dollar loan from dear old



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