Thief Shows up at Door to Steal Package: Nanny Goes Full-Chuck Norris on Thier Ass [VIDEO – SOON TO BE AN ACTION FILM]

Kids read comics about Superman. Superman reads comics about Nanny Kate :

Yeah, that’s a Chuck Norris fact (joke) but it applies in this case of the would-be theif who gets her ass handed to her by a nanny who lives to protect the house she’s in charge of while the homeowners are away. And wouldn’t you know it – THEY HAD A DOOR BELL CAM AND GOT IT ALL FOR US!

(scroll down for the video)

In a normally quiet neighborhood in Everett, Washington, a loser who can’t keep her hands off other people’s stuff, decided to ruin Christmas for a little kid by lifting a package it from the front steps. Okay, she’s a dumbass wearing high heels – but nonetheless, the nanny, Kate Anderson ,who was taking care of a one-year-old wasn’t about to let Santa Claus come up short.

A camera on the doorbell catches what at first looks



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