These Hilarious Number Fails Will Make You Forget Your Poor Math Skills

I’ve always been the guy who was good at math. Everything seemed under my control. But I’ve seen people who struggle with it. And then there are those who even find it hard to do basic math. Sometimes we just cannot find the solution, but sometimes people find such solutions that even mathematicians are not able to explain them.

Take a look.
#1 Since 1904 and you don’t even know math.  

(50% of 12 oz = 6 oz.  Add that to 12 oz and you get 18 oz)

#2 Kids, this is why you should pay attention in your math class.

#3 Wow, what a genius.

#4 What sorcery is this?

#5 Seriously? This guy doesn’t match at all.

#6 Never have I ever thought of&helli





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