There’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on!

Is it possible that President Donald Trump and his unorthodox approach to the presidency is responsible for some sort of Divine Upheaval? You need to hear this out before you run off. One of the key questions in this has to do with the shakeups in Hollywood and in Washington. Was it Trump’s Presidency that caused this shakeup in the way things were run before? Hear this out and read it. It will make you think.

As Written By Michael Brown For STEAM: 

Whether you are a friend or foe of President Donald Trump, there’s no question that his political presence has produced unprecedented shaking and upheaval.

How do we explain this phenomenon? How widespread is it? And is it possible that the Trump presidency is directly connected to women coming forward with claims of sexual abuse at the hands of the rich and powerful?

During last year’s presidential campaign,



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