There is something rotten at the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a real integrity problem on its hands at the moment. In the past, nothing had approached the reputation of integrity like that of an FBI agent.  The political motives of some of its agents in their investigations now seem to point to a moldering problem, The problem extends to the Department of Justice as well. Here is a synopsis of some of the issues that have arisen to cause the G-Men’s reputation to fall into disfavor.

As Written by Matt Vespa for Townhall:

There is something rotten at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I mean all of this is just absurd. We have two FBI agents texting one another, one of which is having an extramarital affair with the other, cryptically talking about “insurance” against a Trump presidency. That text between these two agents was delivered on August 15, 2016. You also have Andrew Weissmann, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s



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