There is a Russian Scandal That is Much More real Than The Russian Dossier and Russian Collusion

There is a Russian scandal that is much more real than the Russian dossier and unverified charges of Russian collusion against President Donald Trump. The real scandal involving the Russians involves Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. You can throw in Old Bill Clinton and his speaking fees as a sidebar. The mainstream media refuses to pick up this story much less put any investigation into it. Here is what they are NOT telling you.

As Written By Rep. Lamar Smith for the Daily Signal:

We’ve heard much ado about Trump-Russia “collusion” in the print and broadcast media since the president’s inauguration.

The media’s interest in this non-story has not ceased. Yet when reports emerged last year that Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, that story was mostly ignored by the major networks.

As co-chairs of the House



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