The White House Has Always Been A Sh-thole of Improper Language

When you see liberals continuing to harangue President Donald Trump for supposedly using the word “s**thole” to describe some rather crappy foreign countries, realize it is nothing but liberal bulls**t masquerading as outrageously outraged outrage.

After all, history being our guide we knew that practically every president has engaged in potty-mouthed rhetoric and many even racial epithets and “hate” speech. So, let’s ignore this crap and move on.

Some of our past presidents were notorious racists. Despite being the darling of the left, Woodrow Wilson was 100 percent positive that blacks were in no way whatever an equal to whites and he led his life opposing any black advancements. Franklin Delano Roosevelt even sent Asian Americans to internment camps, for Pete’s sake and wouldn’t let Jews escaping Hitler into the country because he thought the US had enough Jews.

One of the most profane presidents was “the president



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