‘The Week’ Claims The Constitution Is ‘An Outdated, Malfunctioning Piece Of Junk’

On Friday, Ryan Cooper said in an article posted at the left-wing “The Week” that the U.S. Constitution is an “outdated, malfunctioning piece of junk” and should be replaced.

America’s Constitution is terrible. Let’s throw it out and start over: https://t.co/ASh6FLvZky pic.twitter.com/pdWtYSlwiO

— The Week (@TheWeek) January 27, 2018

“When written, the Constitution made a morally hideous compromise with slavery that took a war and 750,000 lives to make right. And while its basic structure sort of worked for a while in the 20th century, the Constitution is now falling prey to the same defects that have toppled every other similar governing document the world over,” he wrote.

Cooper is talking about the three-fifths compromise and he’s right in a way–if there were no three-fifths compromise there would have been no civil war. But that’s because there would have been no disagreement over slavery, every state would



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