The View’s Host Joy Behar: “I am being told by God to save this country”

All of a sudden The View’s Joy Behar has gotten religion and she claims that God is speaking to her directly and is giving her a big job.

I think Behar thinks she is Moses reincarnated, as she is claiming, “I am being told by God to save this country.”

Next she will be pounding on the door of the White House yelling, “Let my people go!”

Joy Behar’s ‘dislike’ (there is a stronger word, yes) for the Trump family since President Trump has entered the White House seems to have multiplied…and it’s very obvious.

Joy Behar has revealed that she believes she is on a mission from God to save the Country from President Trump. To the 63 million Trump voters, Behar also has a message “there’s something going on with you that I can’t abide.”

On Friday, Behar made an appearance on “Morning Joe” to talk about her new



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