The US Navy’s Pacific Fleet is a Symptom and not THE Problem

Yes, the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet has had some serious issues this year. Putting aside the fact that military training is by its very nature hazardous, there are some real issues to be resolved. The Navy, your Navy, has been asked to do so much with so little for so long that it is now time to pay the piper. Congress has totally failed to give the Navy what it needs to do the tasks assigned. Here are some of the issues.

As Written By Brad Lendon, Zachary Cohen and Steve George, for CNN:

Three US Navy aircraft carriers — the largest, most sophisticated warships in history — assembled off the Korean Peninsula, in a move timed to coincide with US President Donald Trump’s first official visit to the region. But behind the dramatic show of force, questions are emerging as to whether the US Navy is up to the challenges it faces in the



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