The U.S. Is Waving The White Flag For ISIS

The U.S. Is Waving The White Flag For ISIS (Image: MGN)

A Security Forum was held in Aspen and the topic of “defeating” the Islamic State didn’t come up. The government views ISIS as an annoying fruit fly that is buzzing around your head during a good meal. They said that a war to defeat ISIS would take years, if not more. They are taking steps to slowly get ahead of the terrorist group, but the government is losing hope.

The Islamic State. The word itself gives off a feeling of annoyance and agitation. Why? The United States government is not treating ISIS like a deadly force that must be defeated. They are not seeing the terrorist organization as a global threat that endangers the lives of everyone in the world. They are being treated like that annoying house fly that continues to swirl around your head while you sit…



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