The Trump Team Goes Toe-to-Toe with the Globalists in Davos

I’m not sure whether the Trump team’s appearance at Davos should be seen as a “good thing” or as something that is disheartening for us anti-globalists.

The World Economic Forum summit taking place right now in Davos, Switzerland is the ultimate conference for the economic globalists. CEO’s, politicians, power players, and journalists from all over the world converge on Davos to discuss moving the world’s economy ever-forward.

So when the Trump team decided to send a delegation that included the President, some wondered if we’d see fireworks. We haven’t. Instead, what we’ve seen is the Trump administration trying to “sell” America First to the world. In an effort to help our allies, friends, and others understand that if we take care of the American people first, the entire world will most certainly benefit. Instead of confronting the globalists, the Trump team seemed to be appeasing them by explaining



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