The Trump Phenomenon Is Breaking The Alinsky Model In Pieces

It’s no wonder Donald Trump is hated so passionately by the radical left.  He doesn’t so much use their tactics against them as transcend their tactics, and render them inert.

I have never imagined Trump’s real-world effect as something he consciously intends, in every particular.  I think he has much of his effect simply by being himself, as opposed to following a calculated strategy.  He does do things intentionally – he’s not just a sort of political idiot savant – but when it comes to some of his most important effects, he’s not approaching them with a linear vision and a step-by-step program.  He’s just having the effect because of how he rolls.

It’s an effect that we need.  I’ve seen that clearly for a long time, although I wouldn’t pretend to foresee from one instance to the next which things need to be broken and exposed for us.  But we do



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