The Thin Blue Line Got Thinner

Criminals Have Taken Over Our Courts (Image: MGN)

Two bailiffs were shot and killed yesterday by an inmate being taken to an arraignment hearing. The inmate, Larry Darnell Gordon, was shot and killed after trying to hold people hostage in the courtroom. Apparently, Gordon was not in handcuffs as he was being taken to the arraignment, which allowed him to reach for a deputies gun.  Two other people were injured but none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Bailiffs Joesph Zangaro, 61, and Ron Kienzle, 63, were shot and killed yesterday after an inmate grabbed the gun of Deputy James Atterbury outside of his holding cell. 

Sheriff L. Paul Bailey, of Berrien County in Michigan, said that after Larry Darnell Gordon, the inmate shot the bailiffs he tried to hold hostages in the courtroom. He ended up shooting a woman in the arm and as he tried to flee the scene was…



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