The Simpsons Makes Fun of Yale Snowflakes…Take That, Buttercup [VIDEO]

The Simpsons have created a great episode in which Mr Burns visits his Alma Mater, Yale University and he runs headlong into a PC quagmire.  He wants to give the school an endowment for nuclear research and it’s all downhill from that point on.

The Simpsons hilariously mocked sensitive college students, colloquially known as “social justice warriors,” in an episode earlier this month.

The episode shows longtime character Mr. Burns returning to his alma mater, Yale University, to donate money and “endow a department of nuclear plant management.”

However, two university staff walking with Mr. Burns inform him the school can’t associate itself with anything nuclear.

“Of course, we can’t do nuclear,” one of the staff members says. “You’d be creating a space for violence to happen. Hmm. How…



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