The Salt Lake Tribune Goes After Senator Orin Hatch

In a Christmas editorial, the Salt Lake Tribune wants Senator Hatch to retire. Senator Orin Hatch has outlived his usefulness to the State of Utah. He has been there for half a century and could qualify as a poster child for Congressional term limits. Like most of the Washington elites, he has accrued a fortune while on the taxpayer payroll.

As Written and Reported by Rick Moran for the American Thinker:

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has spent half a century in Washington, D.C. as a senator, leaving a huge imprint on Capitol Hill.  But Hatch is also recognized as the ultimate swamp creature – a Washington insider who has perpetuated a system that is out of touch with the people and entirely too reliant on cooperation with Democrats.

Since cooperation is a dirty word these days, there are many rank and file Republicans who would like to see Hatch replaced with a younger.



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