The Richest Criminals Are Worth $80 Billion

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Most of the time, when we think of the mafia, we think of the movie The Godfather, or Goodfellows, or maybe even Road to Perdition. But all these examples of the mob are such a small slice of what organized crime groups look like around the world. In fact, it’s safe to say that if you think you know the mafia because you’ve seen The Godfather, then you ain’t seen nothin yet. Hope a plane halfway across the world to Japan, and you’ll find that organized crime goes by another name. Here, they are not known as the mafia, or the mob. They are referred to as the yakuza. And they are some of the most powerful groups in the country. The yakuza have been around for over a century, and they have their hands in many different areas of the Japanese economy. From gambling, to business, to entertainment, and yes, even politics, the yakuza have been pulling the strings for years, and slowly shaping the country to their will. So, what is the deal with these guys? How did they get so powerful? And reportedly, they bring in over $80 billion dollars every year, so, just how are they accomplishing this feat? Well, stick around for today’s video, because we are discussing all these topics and more, as we get to the bottom of the Japanese mafia– known as the yakuza. We’re sure you’ll think a little differently about where the powers in Japan lie after you see what we’ve dug up for you.

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00:44 What is the Yakuza?
03:54 How do they make so much money?
06:07 Their hold on politics”

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