The Replacement for Obamacare Shows Why Universal Healthcare is Impossible in a Free Society

We all hoped that Trump would simply repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Just toss or defund the massive liberty/wealth-crushing bill.  But, it seems that his establishment advisers have convinced him that the world will end without a replacement.  The problem is, the GOP has no better understanding of how to pay for this entitlement than the DNC had.

In a very good article, Katie McHugh explains why this replacement bill will destroy the GOP.

She points out seven reasons that this will happen.

increase healthcare costs for Trump voters in critical states. Meanwhile, the bill is “a gift to illegal aliens,” as conservative author Daniel Horowitz writes. The bill’s provisions Obamacare 2.0 will be labeled as “Trumpcare,” and Democrats and their media allies will highlight every hard case to attack Republicans for hurting the poor and elderly. Republicans kicked things off with horrific messaging. The arbitrary and crushing penalty for…



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