The Reality Of President Kanye West

Kanye West Turns Politics Into Punch Line (Image: MGN)

We only have four years until the streets are filled with signs that say, “Vote Kanye For President 2020.” No one took Kanye seriously when he said he was running for president in the next election. Why? Well, for starters, no one takes anything that Kanye says seriously.

Yet, in an interview he had recently with BBC, he said that although he isn’t a very political person, he has views on how to better humanity. He can’t honestly think that he would win that election, can he? I mean, maybe I shouldn’t underestimate the ego of Kanye West. Really let that image sink in. Kanye West…and Kim Kardashian….in the White House. It gives me heartburn to even imagine it.

Two things were created when Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. One was the era of new politics, which was a good…



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