The Real Reason Liberals Push Abortion and Transgenderism

Population control

Think about it

1. Abortions are supported, and almost advertised and a great solution to a pregnancy. Why?

2. The population is being pushed, at alarming rates, to accept and become gay and transgender. Why?

I am not delegitimizing that those people may feel a certain way. However, I am saying that liberals are pushing it extremely hard.

Even children, at very young ages, are being brought to doctors by pleading parents to give their child hormones, in order to stop their puberty. They claim that their child identifies as a different gender….but when you think about it, people cannot legally vote until 18 and drink until 21. Why? Because their frontal lobes are still developing up until those points.

The frontal lobe controls emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behavior.

So WHY are we allowing such permanent decisions to be made, and stunting growth,…



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